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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tried and Tested Tea - Blue Chai

Hello there,

Next in our tried and tested tea series we are sharing with you something that is rather different to our standard cuppa!

A little while ago I was sent a sample of Blue Chai tea from Thailand. I had never heard of this tea before and so I decided to do a little investigating on their website...it turns out that Blue Chai is 100% dried butterfly pea flowers making it a herbal tea which is caffeine free. Even more unusual is the colour of the tea....

Blue Chai herbal tea

...yes it's blue!

To make this herbal tea butterfly pea flowers are harvested during bloom in the early mornings and then dried - no chemicals are used in the process...that blue colour is natural!

To brew the tea I followed the instructions and used approximately 6 flowers, adding boiling water....

Butterfly pea flowers ready to infuse!

I allowed the the infusion to brew for about five minutes, watching as the beverage turned blue before my eyes.......

Although I was a little apprehensive about drinking a blue drink I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the tea. It had a rich, slightly earthy taste to it - a flavour that was good both hot or cold. The website gives you lots of details about the health benefits of the tea and other flavours that you can combine with Blue Chai.

One interesting fact is that you can further change the colour of this tea...simple by adding a splash of lemon......

Magical colour changing herbal tea!

...yes...now its a purple colour!

If you fancy trying this herbal tea, its currently available via the Blue Chai website, each 40g pouch will cost just under $15. Take a look at the website for more information about shipping.

If you have tried this tea we'd love to hear what you thought!

Thanks for popping by today,

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